duminică, 31 august 2008

Seaside Dusk 21(Mixed by Julianno)


1.Mr.Pit feat.Vicky Fee - Back For More(Original Mix)
2.Blank & Jones - California Sunset(Martin Roth And Blank & Jones Mash Up)
3.Ronski Speed Feat. Aneym - Manic Star
4.Sunlounger & Zara - Talk To Me(Dance Version)
5.Sonic Division - Someday
6.Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson - These Shoulders(Oliver Smith Remix)
7.Andrew Bennett vs.Tatana ft.Tiff Lacey - Closer Than A Heartbeat(Gareth Emery Remix)
8.Norman And Foley - Lost Feelings(RENOISE Remix)
9.Sied Van Riel & Claudia Cazacu - Contrasts(Original Mix)
10.Marcel Woods - Musical Madness(Take One)
11.Mark Sherry Presents Outburst - Live and Learn(Bangbangbang by Maor Levi)
12.Russ James - My Mind(Original Mix)
13.D Folt Feat Marcie - Red Forrest(Eddie Sender Remix)
14.Orjan Nilsen Feat. Mr. Mark - Vivida
15.Digital Nature - Aeon(Allan O'Marshall Remix)
16.Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint(Club Mix)
17.Ronski Speed - Starcase
18.Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann - Madness(I Prefer This Mix)
19.Simon Patterson - Us(Original Mix)
20.Filo & Peri - Shine On(Aly & Fila Remix)

sâmbătă, 30 august 2008

Live House Parade 2008 on Truck 3(Trance Vibrations) Part II

Tracklist Part II:

1.Leon Bolier vs. Kamaya Painters - Endless Ocean Wave(Leon Bolier Mashup Timeless Intro Edit)
2.Paul Webster - Cut off
3.Drax vs Scott Mac - Must Have Been a Dream(Zimms Trance Mix)
4.Jean Moiree & Pheel - Heavy Session(Alex M O R P H. B2b Woody Van Eyden Remix)
5.Paul Van Dyk - New York City(Super 8 And Tab Remix)
6.Leon Bolier & Sied van Riel - One(This Mix)
7.DT8 Project - Breathe(Alex M.O.R.P.H vs. Woody Van Eyden Remix)
8.Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong(DJ Shah's Magic Island Mix)9.Sunlunger feat. Zara - Lost(Extended Mix)
10.Andy Moor - Fake Awake(Original Mix)
11.Orjan Nilsen - La Guitarra(Orjan Nilsen Balaeric Mix)
12.Gareth Emery - This Is That
13.Kyau & Albert with Marc Marberg - Megashira
14.Albert Vorne - Formentera What(Gareth Emery Remix)
15.Rank1 & Armin Vs. Greg Downey - King Dong Is Watching Me(Tranzemaniac's Tek Mashup)16.Three Drives - Greece 2000(Erik De Koning Remix)
17.Radiohead - Street Spirit(Tiesto Remix)
18.Nic Chagall - What You Need = CLASSIC =
19.Super8 Vs Dj Tab - Helsinki Scorchin'(Original Mix)

Live House Parade 2008 on Truck 3(Trance Vibrations) Part I

Tracklist Part I:

1.Ernesto Vs Bastian - Stranger In Paradise(Allan O'Marshall & Michael Badal Remix)2.Chainside - Chainside I Would Die For You(Koen Groeneveld Vocal Mix)
3.Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger(Deadmau5 Edit)
4.Plain White T's - Let Me Take You There(First State Bootleg)
5.Sander Van Doorn - Apple
6.M6 - Fade 2 Black(Origial Mix)
7.Richard Durand - Weep(Dub Mix)
8.Ali Wilson - Shakedown
9.Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In & Out Of Love(Richard Durand Remix)10.Super8 & Tab - Elektra(Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann Remix)
11.Jochen Miller - Lost Connection
12.Marcel Woods - Beautiful Mind 2008
13.Nic Chagall - Sky Blue
14.Veracocha - Carte Blanche(Cosmic Gate Remix)
15.Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness(M6 Bootleg)
16.Ron Van Den Beuken - Slash(Daniel Wanrooy Remix)
17.Embrace - Embrace(Ferry Fix Mix)
18.Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert - Neo Love(Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
19.Majai - Phoria(Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
20.Markus Schulz vs. Andy Moor - Daydream(Lemon & Einar K Remix)

sâmbătă, 23 august 2008

Seaside Dusk 20(Mixed by Julianno)


1.Emilio Fernandez - Let It Go(Vocal Mix)
2.Sunlounger - Mediterranean Flower
3.Anhken - Transport
4.Jape Du Marie - Outsider (Maarten De Jong Remix)
5.Josh Beat - Or Does it(Callum B Remix)
6.Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson - These Shoulders(Original Mix)
7.Gareth Wyn - Beat that
8.Ohmna - Satori
9.Re-Ward - Contrast
10.Stories From The Beyond - Inside Of Me(Original Mix)
11.Chris B - Deep Blue(Jun K Remix)
12.Leon Bolier - Embrace(Leon Bolier Remix)
13.Armin Van Buuren vs. Jochen Miller - Connection of Love( HP Mash-Up)
14.Art of Trance - Madagascar(Richard Durand Bootleg)
15.Grissom And Stokes - Time(Progressive Vocal Mix)
16.Paul Webster - Cut off
17.Airbase - Tangerine
18.Bart Claessen vs Dave Schiemann - Madness(Super8 & Tab Remix)
19.Armin van Buuren - Burned with desire(Ronski Speed remix) =CLASSIC=

luni, 11 august 2008

Seaside Dusk 19(Mixed by Julianno)


1.Lange feat. Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky(Myon & Shan 54 Black Army Remix)
2.Sunlunger feat. Zara - Lost(Extended Mix)
3.Alex Kunnari - Unstable(Mashtronic Remix)
4.Sunlounger - Catwalk(Club Mix)
5.Moussa Clarke vs. The Police - She Wants Him
6.Chainside - I Would Die For You(Koen Groeneveld Vocal Mix)
7.DJ Orkidea Ft. David West - God's Garden(Original Mix)
8.Andy Moor - Fake Awake(Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
9.Veracocha - Carte Blanche(Michael De Kooker Remix)
10.Richard Durand - Weep(Dub Mix)
11.Saphire & Weimar - Walking Into Silence(DJ Sakin Remix)
12.Ali Wilson - Shakedown
13.Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In & Out Of Love(Richard Durand No Vocal Remix)
14.Favor - Spring Haze(Nhato Remix)
15.Joop And Leon Bolier Ft Denise R - Hold On(Dub Mix)
16.Eddie Sender Featuring Marcie - Please Forgive(Danilo Ercole Mix)
17.Ron Van Den Beuken - Slash(Daniel Wanrooy Remix)
18.Embrace - Embrace(Ferry Fix Mix)
19.Markus Schulz vs. Andy Moor - Daydream(Ronski Speed Remix)
20.Vast Vision Pres. Mungo - Under The Sea(Sebastian Brandt's Zela Remix)